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  TROY — ArtServe Michigan, the state’s leading...

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Join ArtServe's Creative State MI Advocacy Campaign in September


This year has been a landmark one in ArtServe’s history as we’ve worked together with you to make the strongest case yet for the importance of the arts, culture and arts education for the future of Michigan.  The facts presented in our firstCreative State MI report in January were compelling indeed and surely influenced the Governor and our Legislative leaders in upholding the first increase in state arts and cultural funding since Fiscal Year 2009 with a total appropriation of $6.15 million for the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs for FY 2013.

Our work is not done.  We must continue our efforts to rebuild Michigan’s investment in the arts to meaningful levels that reflect the powerful role of the arts, culture and creative industries in generating jobs and economic activity, creating vibrant communities that attract talent and business, and shaping young minds to be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. With the upcoming elections in November, the voice for the arts and culture must be heard and it must be unwavering.
Today we announce our first Creative State MI Advocacy campaign to bring awareness to and generate support for the leadership, results and innovative spirit of ArtServe’s statewide work during the month of September.  Each week, we’ll share highlights of our efforts to advocate for increased state and federal arts and cultural funding and policies for 2014, broaden community awareness for the powerful role of arts and culture in Michigan’s reinvention, empower more artists to strengthen their creative practices, and advocate for arts education as an essential part of the core curriculum in Michigan’s K thru 12 schools.  I invite you to consider making a donation today to help us maximize our impact in the upcoming months ahead.
We know these issues are important to you, and as Michigan shows evidence of promising growth in the coming year, we need your help to accelerate our efforts.   Please take a moment to consider the highlights of ArtServe’s strategic leadership in arts advocacy this year – see below – each is clear evidence of the building momentum of our work to advance the arts and culture across Michigan.  
Best Regards,
Jennifer H. Goulet
President and CEO, ArtServe Michigan
Creative State Michigan – As the leading statewide arts advocacy organization in Michigan, ArtServe launched Creative State Michigan in early 2012 as the source for data, research and information affirming the contributing role of the arts, culture and creative industries in Michigan. 
Released in January 2012, ArtServe’s first Creative State MI report focused on Fiscal Year 2009 data from 211 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in the Michigan Cultural Data Project (CDP), revealing that those organizations generated nearly ½ billion in expenditures to Michigan’s economy, contributed 15,560 jobs with total payroll expenditures of $152 million, and served nearly 12.7 million people and over 1.8 million children, with 52% of those visits offered free.  ArtServe’s second Creative State MI report will be released in January 2013 with a focus on Fiscal Year 2010 data from the Michigan CDP.  Plans are also underway for the release of complementary reports on the contributing impacts of the private sector creative industries and the depth and presence of individual artists and creative practitioners statewide.
Michigan Cultural Data Project – Launched in May 2010, the Michigan Cultural Data Project (CDP) is a powerful online management tool designed to strengthen nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. This groundbreaking national project – the Cultural Data Project -- is owned and operated by The Pew Charitable Trusts and gathers reliable, longitudinal data on the sector on a state-by-state basis equipping arts advocates, researchers and decision-makers with compelling facts to strengthen the case for the importance of the arts and culture to Michigan’s economy, communities and people of all ages.  Michigan is among 12 states and the District of Columbia now participating in this growing national model.
ArtServe is the intermediary for the CDP in Michigan as well as the lead researcher on statewide data on the health and vitality of the nonprofit arts and cultural organizations derived from the Michigan CDP.  ArtServe co-chairs the Michigan CDP Advisory Council and works in partnership with leading Michigan foundations and The Pew Charitable Trusts in outreach to arts and cultural organizations and funders, strategic media and communications, and related advocacy efforts for the initiative in Michigan.  More than 678 organizations are now participating in the Michigan CDP thanks to ArtServe’s leadership.
Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network – Since 1997, ArtServe has served as the alliance representing Michigan in the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network (KCAAEN). The KCAAEN is a coalition of statewide, not-for-profit Alliances for Arts Education working in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The purpose of the KCAAEN is to strengthen and support policies, practices, and partnerships that ensure the arts are an essential part of American K-12 education. In addition to participating in policy discussions at the national level and participating in professional development sessions while networking with other advocacy organizations throughout the country, ArtServe was awarded a grant from the Kennedy Center in 2010 allowing the organization to create its Arts Education Advocacy Toolkit
Director of Public Policy Mike Latvis is also currently serving on a six-member national task force that will discuss the new direction and programming of the KCAAEN.
American’s for the Arts State Arts Action Network – ArtServe has served on the governing Council of the State Arts Action Network (SAAN) since 2010 and Director of Public Policy Mike Latvis was recently elected as its
Chair. A network of Americans for the Arts, the SAAN is a collective of 73 statewide community-based arts and cultural education, service, and development organizations, the SAAN works to advance a national grass-roots movement to support arts and arts education across the country. Members of the Network shape public policy, set research agendas, provide meaningful professional development, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.
In addition to serving on the Council of the SAAN, ArtServe has represented Michigan’s arts, culture and arts education organizations at the national level, participating in policy discussions, directing meetings with the state’s Congressional delegation and serving as the main contact for all federal grassroots advocacy alerts. 
Please consider making a donation at the level of your chosing by making a secure online donation today.

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