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New Creative State Michigan Report Featured in the Press


Updated February 8, 2013

Full list of News Reports about the new Creative State Michigan Report

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hyperallergic Michigan Is Finding That The Arts Is A Growth Industry, Even During the Recession

"ArtServe Michigan should be congratulated for publishing such clear data that helps people outside of the culture field see the real value of the arts beyond the abstractions of cultural understanding, intellectual enlightenment, or quality of life. These types of economic arguements are crucial in this day and age."


crains detroit logo REPORT: Arts Groups Contributed $553 Million to State
Economy in 2010

"The raw data, which was analyzed by Kurt Metzger's 
Data Driven Detroit to produce the study, came from 
ArtServe. The group collected it from multiple sources, 
including the Michigan Cultural Data Project, 
Americans for the Arts' Creative Industries Reports 
and the Michigan Economic Development Corp."

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images Art Sector Contributes Millions to Michigan Economy

"Data sources for the Creative State Michigan report include the Michigan Cultural Data Project, Americans for the Arts’ annual Creative Industries Reports and the Michigan Economic  Development Corporation/Pure Michigan. The Michigan Cultural Data Project report includes FY 2010 data profiles from 346 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. There are nearly 800 organizations registered in the Cultural Data Project today,  positioning future reports to demonstrate increasing impacts over time."

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IMG 4459 New Report Shows Economic Impact of Arts in Michigan

"When people think of Michigan's economy, their minds rarely turn to art."


CBS REPORT: Arts Contribute Over $553 Million to the Michigan Economy

"The report reveals significant growth of arts-related jobs and businesses from 2006 to 2011; arts-related jobs increased by 15 percent in Michigan, while arts-related businesses increased by 65 percent."


yahoo-finance  REPORT: Arts and Culture Contribute Over $553 Million to Michigan Economy

Arts and cultural destinations also generated more than $2 billion toward state tourism revenues in FY 2011 – 16 percent of state totals and more than golf, boating/sailing, hunting/fishing and hiking/biking combined.



MLive Michigan Arts and Culture Generated More Than
$500 Million in Economic Activity Statewide in 2010

"How much is arts and culture worth to Michigan’s
economy? More than $500 million in 2010 and growing,
according to ArtServe Michigan."

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G-Sync and The Winner Is...

This report gave credence to something many
of us hypothesized, but could not quantify until
now: The arts and cultural institutions are a
vital part of our state’s recovery and future."

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detroit-reg-chamber-logo ArtServe Michigan’s New Creative State Michigan Report Reveals Increased Contributions to Michigan Economy

"Among its most compelling data, the report affirms the creative economy as a significant growth sector and strategic opportunity for Michigan’s economy. From 2006 to 2011, the number of arts-related jobs increased by 15 percent to 85,656 jobs in Michigan, while arts-related businesses increased by 65 percent to 28,072. From 2010-2011 alone, jobs increased by 11 percent, while businesses increased by 16 percent. Moreover, of the $553.4 million in annual expenditures by the nonprofit creative community in 2010, nearly $194 million supported salaries for 22,335 jobs."

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ArtServe's New Creative State Michigan Report Reveals Increased Contributions to Michigan Economy

"Michigan's arts and cultural destinations continue to demonstrate their essential value to the state's tourism industry, generating more than $2 billion in state tourism revenues in fiscal year 2011. That represents 16 percent of the state's total tourism revenues in that year – more than golf, boating and sailing, hunting and fishing, and hiking and biking combined."

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Metro-Mode-Media-Logo Creative Class Economic Impact Shines in
Creative State Michigan Report

"This year's report dispels that argument," says Jennifer
Goulet, president & CEO of ArtServe Michigan. "It shows
hard data that makes it clear that arts and culture are
things we should include in our economic tool kit. These
are essential ingredients that make a community vibrant
and a place people want to be."

ACGL-logo.png ArtServe Releases New Creative State Impact Report

"Creative State Michigan shows that these 346 organizations
contributed over half a billion dollars ($553,599,668) in direct
expenditures to the economy of Michigan in Fiscal Year 2010.
Further, it affirms the creative economy as a significant growth
sector and strategic opportunity for Michigan’s economy."

204967062 ArtServe Michigan Releases New Creative State Report

"The data reveals that these organizations contributed more than one-half billion dollars in expenditures alone to the Michigan economy in 2010."

MI banner  v3 Michigan Arts and Culture Generated More Than $500 Million in Economic Activity Statewide in 2010

"Cultural groups reported more than 15.7
million visits in 2010, 54 percent of which
were free of charge. Average ticket prices
in 2010 were $5.85 for children, $17.25 for
adults, among the 346 organizations



Arts Contribute Over $553 Million to Michigan Economy

"Arts and culture are major contributors to our state's economy – creating jobs and local spending, fueling tourism and shaping vibrant cities attracting talent and business," said Jennifer Goulet , ArtServe's president and CEO. "This report reinforces the creative economy as a valuable asset and strategic economic investment for Michigan."

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